I recently directed a new play. The invitation to do so came as a surprise to me, as did the work I had to direct. You see, my topics, and the ones that interest me from the start, tend to be rude, provocative and even violent, like a good son of postmodernity with rampant attention deficit. However, the piece I was commissioned to direct was a romantic comedy.

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When you begin to feel the effects of too much attention on your head, these exercises should be decreased or you should learn to circulate the energy so that it now goes down and then goes up again. That is, when feeling the overstimulation in the head, go down to the tongue, then go down through the forehead to the navel and from there, make it go back up the spine, the back (visualize thinking of it this way) through the spine spinal. And so on.

People are very sensitive to the emotions of others but not so much to feelings. For example, if we see someone frightened or scared because of an accident, the vast majority of people will try to help them. But it is quite another thing if those same people are emotionally involved with someone suffering from depression and have the patience and personal stamina to devote their time to helping them.

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Our friend may love to dance. Hence, to distract Carlos, he takes him to the room where a few guests move to the rhythm of Latin salsa. The girl pulls his arm to get him to tap his feet, but Carlos prefers to keep his gin and tonic company and stubbornly resists. Every kind of dance scares him because

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Zeus gave a jar to Pandora that contained each and every one of the evils of the planet, but with the prohibition to open it. he was not able and he opened it a crack, each and every one of the evils escaped, but, in the end, the last thing that came out was hope

For now I will share, as a preview, two observations that seem the most obvious and down to earth, but over and over again I keep seeing and confirming and I tell myself I have to write more about this, if you want. more info you can check the following website: huorat shibari Madrid .

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Next, grab your man's cock near the base and slide your hand up and down, hand job style, as well as his mouth. (Some men like a tight squeeze while others don't, so check it out.) You can cover a lot of the shaft this way without worrying about taking the entire cock in your mouth. Focus on the super-sensitive head and suck as hard or as gently as you and your partner want.

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God decided to create man and woman in his image and likeness. Both man and woman were created from clay. Your man will be called Adam and your wife will be called Lilith. Adam lived suspicious and envious of Lilith. She was the favorite daughter of the blog. Lilith was an excellent hunter, fisherman, possessor of a perfect body, a brilliant brain, talented, a complete genius… Adam decided to humiliate Lilith. Lilith, I'm going to show you the most beautiful place in the Garden of Eden. follow me Adam covered her eyes. He took her to the caves of darkness. Adam hit Lilith. He raped her and pushed her into the depths of the caves. Adam wounded his body and his soul. Especially because of the fact that Lilith loved him and wanted to make him happy. Dying Lilith cried, begged and cheered the blog. the blog did not respond. Maybe he was in another Universe. Instead an angel answered. Lilith, first woman. I invite you to live for eternity. Reign and shine. You are a queen and you do not deserve to be humiliated. Lilith extended her frail hand. The angel held her in his arms and they flew into the air together.

Not an inch more, not an inch less.

I do not get it. I swear. Do I look late night? I'm looking at myself and I think I'm a regular modern woman. Or current, call it what you want. You understand me: I have my company, my flat, my smartphones… Heels have existed since the 17th century, women have been used to wearing pants since the 19th century

Total, she told me excitedly, if we already spent 24 hours a day together

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One of the oldest and most persistent traps on Las Ramblas despite the police presence is that of the shellfish dealers. It is simply the game of guessing where the ball is among the 3 matchboxes that are moving quickly. Tourists who bet believing they are making a huge deal without knowing that the chances of winning are really nil. This 'game' is classified as a scam. (Unfortunately you can still see it on the Ramblas, we have checked it).