Your priorities are not in sync with your dreams. What you have is what you want, that you do not have the slightest doubt. If you made your dreams your priorities, it would only be a matter of time for you to live the life of your dreams. Give seriousness to your aspirations and you will appreciate that what you have is what you want. But it is not enough to want one thing, you must give it priority. It is not your resolutions that matter the most, it is the degree of commitment by which you begin to make decisions. You can have as much as you want. Just be prepared to work for this reason.

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You can start by giving your partner kisses on the back and drag your lips across their back. At this time, you must be attentive, because after caressing her in certain places on her back, she will probably move to direct your mouth to those places in particular, in this way you can take note of the places on her back that cause her the most arousal.

If you accept this, if you recognize the fact of understanding those values (and, with them, the female icons that represent them) as a reflection of your own deepest personality, you will be able to advance in the knowledge of your potential and what , transformed into a dominatrix, you would like to give and receive. That step is essential so that, one day, you can take the reins of your power as a dominant woman.

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Discipline is an intriguing subject. For many of the old school, discipline is a clear sign that they are worthy of correction and discipline, and that discipline made them better people for having it. In previous generations, a beating, a paddle, or a spank meant that the recipient was loved and cared for enough to be disciplined. These early childhood associations die hard, if they do.

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Finally, when he was 26 years old, the War of Succession was practically over, but Catalonia continued in arms. He participated in multiple combats and bombings. In one of them, he got too close to the opposing defenses and received a musket bullet in the right forearm, which ruptured multiple tendons and left him maimed for life.

Motivation, which obviously guarantees a healthy physical and mental condition, provides the base of support on which the pyramid of sex is built. On top of that, the sexual superstructure can be built, which must include caresses, kisses, hugs, visual stimuli, sexual toys, fantasies, speculums and intercourse itself with its necessary and happy consequence, the children, who are the joy of the home.

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When you've relaxed back to about a 7 on your personal arousal scale, indulge yourself again, inching closer to the point of no return with each start and stop (8.2, 8.4, 8.6, 8.8, etc.) until the 9s). Partially a few years ago it has been possible to establish that friction or pressure on an area of the body that is experiencing pain causes the release of endorphins (the so-called happiness hormones) and that the relief that this causes is not psychological but real since It is based on physical-chemical processes.

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Another good idea is to read posts out loud to each other. Studies have proven that reading reduces stress levels and makes you feel more connected. [11] In addition, you can consider a shoulder or back massage. Try cuddling right before you fall asleep or taking a shower or bath together to make your dreams more positive.

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To finish, continue with the fine manipulations on the neck, shoulders and chest as at the beginning of the massage. The essential thing throughout the massage is the total physical relaxation of the facial muscles, among many other things, the recipient closes his eyes to feel in an environment of rest and relaxation.