To this we must add that the ideal of practicality distrusts a passion that distances us from the perception of reality. The imposition of Mental Health, of objectivity, of neutrality, leads to the idealization being considered antiprocess. Rivers of ink have flowed against idealization. That of princesses, fairies, princes is criticized: all that is not healthy they say, all that is not realistic.

It is human to want to calm down the paperwork and yearn for everything to move faster, especially when we are waiting to achieve a goal that, we believe, will provide us with a piece of that diffuse and desirable feeling that we call happiness. We live on a fast-paced planet and we like everything to run at breakneck speed. Not so long ago, if we wanted to look for very specific information, we had to go to an archive or library, locate a text, encyclopedia or a specific newspaper, and patiently search them for the aforementioned data. Today we click on the keyboard of our computer and we have it practically instantly at our disposition on the monitor, obtained from that ocean with the appearance of infinity that is the network. When the search is delayed, sometimes just a few seconds, we feel the itch of impatience. It is the sign of the times.

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Do you know what I want to say?

It is usually a persistent disorder, since once established it hardly disappears spontaneously, it is normal for it to repeat itself over and over again before any attempt at intercourse or penetration. Muscle spasm is generated automatically and cannot be eliminated voluntarily no matter what the woman wants. It is surprising that there are so many people who do not dare to do almost anything without someone else. If this is your case, take this opportunity that life gives you to see that you do not need absolutely anyone, you can simply choose to share your activities with others, but it is not a precise condition to do things. Try the freedom of choice and go a little beyond your limits day after day. Soon it will stop scaring you and you will feel completely normal.

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This conversation can be both passionate and logical, somewhat linear and listless. Boring her with this conversation is achieved if I thought too much about her reactions, how to impress her. Telling the beer process in a passionate tone encompasses more emotions. Speaking with passion makes the other person in no time begin to relate their passions to my story. If even talking about my addiction to getting drunk conveys positive things, it is due to the fact that I am communicating through emotions and I am not thinking of exactly what to say to impress her, the ideas simply come to my head naturally. I am relaxed, I am not trying to impress her, but to share a little of my life with her.

The Erotic Museum of Barna is, finally, one of those centers of interest that no lover of eroticism or erotic toys can stop visiting if they are wandering around Barna. In this erotic museum there is an important collection of erotic paintings by different artists, a wide compilation of Thai phalluses, wood carvings representing erotic positions from the Kama Sutra, a section dedicated to erotic engravings by Picasso and, finally, an excellent collection of Pornos short films that, according to what it seems, were commissioned by King Alfonso XIII from the directors Ricardo and Ramón Baños, who recorded them back in 1926 in the Chinese District of Barcelona.,

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Each person has their own unique fragrance or flavor. At first, you may not notice it, but when the time comes, you will feel a completely different fragrance or taste. Do you remember that each of them lovers would do anything to improve their first impression? It could be your anatomical scent or cologne that may attract each other the reason for the scent change. You must be on guard, this is a clear warning sign for you. On the other side of the ghost, there are sensitive or psychological factors that affect health. According to Eastern philosophy, worries, consternation, fear, anger, and even excessive joy, are possible causes of illness. However, since trying to combat these disorders can create major confrontations, Eastern philosophy recommends consciously contemplating and admitting them. In this way, the emotions will be relieved, in the same way that an excited horse that is left free in a meadow ends up calming down.