Urethra: It is the area of urination of urine. Its function is secretory, in man it also participates in the reproductive function by allowing the passage of semen from the seminal vesicles of the Prostate to the outside. Hi love. My name is Paula and I am an exuberant and passionate companion light who proposes you to live an adventure that is as intensely erotic as it is indelible. Dedicated and fiery, I believe that I can give you what you have been looking for for so long. Between my arms, walking my curves, getting drunk with the elixir of my kisses or feeling the warm and silky touch of my skin on your fingertips, you will feel a special man and you will see how your fantasies, even the most intimate , they are going to come true.

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What a gift for me to be able to share this information with! I feel blessed to have this opportunity to write so much about a topic that is so important to me. I hope to make a difference in the lives of my readers who are looking for more information on a topic that is rarely discussed in a real or informative way.

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Leave the doll dead: Walking or sitting down leaving the doll dead or fallen, is a sign of submission that women use. It is a gesture that is very attractive to men, since it conveys the idea that they can dominate that woman. To clarify the ideas about whether you should recover a relationship, forget about his beauty, his economic condition or his physical condition. Just ask yourself if he has goodness in his heart, if he supports people who appreciate him or on the contrary he likes to get into a scab over any trifle. Even ask yourself if you would like your children to be engaged to someone like that. Ask yourself if in the face of someone else's mistake, act with love and forgiveness or with antipathy and revenge. We do not usually ask ourselves these kinds of questions because we do not want to perceive the answers. Do not be fooled, the sooner you perceive the clear reality, the sooner you will be right with the remedy. The way she acts with the rest of the people who interact with her is a true reflection of how, at some point, she will treat you. No matter how well I treat you now.

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I have decided to quote him in this post due to the fact that I think it may be useful for you to read an excerpt from one of his actual conversations. This kept her through a Chat with a TB that, according to him, was exaggeratedly attractive and intelligent.

More expensive than back and differentiate yourself: This method will greatly help you lose embarrassment. Very often, shock therapy will help you realize that girls are not as fierce as they are painted.Although I feel panic about committing myself and I have promised myself never to commit myself again, I choose to love and accept myself Although this fear love and commitment was created in my childhood and now I react by pushing away love, I choose to love myself and fully admit myself

It is normal to be attracted to what is familiar. This is why many men create relationships that follow the activity of their childhood relationships. To serve as an example, if you think that you could only meet your needs after having satisfied the needs of more essential people, you have to sacrifice for the sake of your partner. Another thing that happens frequently is that they want to change their partner as they need to.

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In the high Middle Ages, which dragged and multiplied the medical and anatomical failures of Antiquity, it was thought that prostitutes could not conceive due to the fact that they performed the carnal act without love and, therefore, did not feel pleasure, since they did not ejaculate. We have previously cited the belief, which lasted until the 18th century, that there was a female sperm which, according to Hippocrates and Galen, was indispensable for conception. On that occasion she narrated to me in great detail what her relationship was with that boyfriend with whom she almost committed the suicidal act of marrying. I want it to be understood that when I refer to a suicidal act I am not saying it because of the fact of getting married. Although many do not believe it, I do believe in marriage, I say it by planning to marry a man who did not love her and rather saw her as his best investment.