In the same way that incorrect hygiene is one of the most frequent mistakes that we usually make when using erotic toys, their storage is not always as careful as it should be. One day his boss called him and told him that there was a bonus for his good performance for years of work. And I give him an envelope with money, when he left the office, he ran to the men's room to count the money. I couldn't believe it, the envelope contained ten thousand US dollars! Just the right thing for your bottle of wine. How many times did they do it? Did he do better than? Did you have a climax? All questions eager to annihilate the distance in which we have been and that not infrequently, between tears or squeals, lead us to have sex with an intensity that seemed asleep. I imagine that you have already heard that we are energy, everything that exists in the cosmos is, even sensitive links. Every time you get emotionally or physically involved with another human being, an energetic bond is created, an invisible bond that continues to affect and create a bridge between the two people. You should remember this especially, and make it remind the receiver, in case the receiver stops breathing properly at some point or stops breathing fully. Deep breathing is very important. Andreas Baranoswky, in his research The Science of Seduction, notes that the concept of Nega was introduced by seduction self-help blogs, without any scientific backing. Despite this, the psychologist then recognized his scientific worth by relating it to the theory of cognitive discordance (much studied by scientific psychology). The moment a person has certain convictions about himself, and then the facts come into contradiction with those opinions, he will tend to change the facts in order to accommodate them to his opinions in order to reduce the contradiction or cognitive discordance. From this perspective, Baranoswky explains, when a prey of high social value, who has the conviction or belief that she is wanted and sought, receives the message that she is not (Nega), she will tend to redouble her sacrifices in order to change the facts and do not contradict their opinions. For this reason, the one who received the Nega redoubled his efforts to get the seducer's attention.