The woman is facing away from her lover. Arch your spine and lift your pelvis. The man slides under her, lying on her legs, so that he can rest his buttocks on her thighs. They move together to encourage harmony. The moment a couple walks slowly in the dark, in a crowd, or in a lonely place, they rub their bodies against each other for a not too short time. This is 'the touch'. And when they are pressed hard against a wall or a pillar, it is called a hard hug. These two are for couples who understand each other's claims. Sexual use of the anal hole. In the sexual use of the anus it is seen more clearly than in the previous case the fact that disgust is what imprints the character of perversion to this sexual end. In my opinion and I hope that in this observation a decided theoretical prejudice is not seen, the reason on which this disgust is based, that is to say, that the body's happiness serves for excretion and comes into contact with the disgusting excrement itself, it is not much more solid than that given by the hysterical whores to explain their disgust against the male genitalia; that is, they serve to expel urine.

a todos los chicos de los q me enamore